Interview with Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner for SEAMUS Online August 2017

Ranging from the Mu-Psi manifesto, to the origins of Symbolic Sound Corporation, early days as a harpist and some of the new projects coming up in the fall.

Wonderland a new podcast on the creative power of play: In the episode called Strange Loops and Circuit Benders, author Steven Johnson asks how it was that reverberation became the fifth element in Conductus.

The story of how experimental sounds become part of the musical mainstream, with special guests Brian EnoAlex RossCaroline ShawCarla Scaletti, and Antenes. —Steven Johnson

Art + Music + Technology Podcast 132 Darwin Grosse’s interview with Carla Scaletti: Listen to it here

I’m happy to present this talk with Carla, where we range from her personal history to her (incredible) ideas about the nature of modern experimental composition. –Darwin Grosse